Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Indy Revolutions"

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"Food Clothing Shelter"

I want to send shout outs to Ivory the Human Hustle, DJ Karazmatik & Miss DIG, at 92.1fm WPTS in Pittsburgh for the interview and airplay. I'll come back anytime! Much love to everyone who was tunin' in and supports the show! Hip Hop Meltdown in this mofo!


Check out my single "Poor People" featuring my brother from another mother 'Living Proofe' off of the new double mix cd coming out of Atlanta's underground. Much appreciation goes out to Kalonji and everyone involved with the creation and furthering of this project. It's great to see such a conglomerate of emcee's delivering more hardcore consciousness to the people. For information about the project you can click the link below:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dr. Greenthumb


Some of you may not know that I am an advocate for urban farming as a part of community sustainability. Urban farming/gardening not only enhances the visual landscape of the urban environment, it provides food for the community, teaches children a lot of self-preservation and hard work, as well as tuning them in to the traditions of their ancestors. Aside from volunteering time at an urban farm, I strive to keep close to the land and my own peoples traditions by having my own garden. Below are some pictures of the beans I planted this year, although the garden included- kidney, black, painted and garbanzo beans, cilantro, mint, tomatoes, peppers, purple Peruvian hot peppers and Carolina black peanuts.

By all means, get involved with community farms or gardens in your area. Likewise, use the useful land available to you, reconnect with the soil and go GREEN!

Black Beans!


The Harvest...

Out of the pods...

Sha-King Allah, El Jibaro, y su jardin...